Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bad Habits

I was reading a recent post on my new favorite diabetes blog . The post was about Kerri’s six bad diabetes habits. I thought it would be cool to list a few of mine too! While reading, I realized that we share some of the same habits.

1. Logging: I hate logging my numbers every two seconds. It’s the most annoying thing. I tend to not log for maybe a week and half and then attempt to remember everything at once. It’s never accurate and just makes me hate it more. I’m actually trying to make a better effort with logging as soon as I check my levels.

2. Carb guessing: It’s important to give yourself the right amount of insulin with the amount of carbs you’re eating. In the beginning I was pretty good at counting carbs. Lately, I’ve been guessing with the numbers---kind of a dangerous game, but I’m lazy. Most of the time I’m pretty good. However, I always regret it when I’m way off.

3. Overeating: I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have an awful habit of eating everything in sight when I’m really low. I know I’m supposed to eat something small, then wait to see if I go up. When I eat way too much, I usually end up being way too high.

4. Lancet laziness: I know this is terrible, but I’m really lazy when it comes to changing out the lancets in my sugar tester (little needles to prick your fingers with). You’re supposed to put a new one in every time you check yourself. I’ll go two weeks without changing it haha. I really should work on that.

I think I do a pretty good job of managing my diabetes, but just like anything else, I can always work at making it better.

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