Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Day Jitters

So Friday is my wedding day! I can't believe that two years of planning have finally come to a close. Aside from the weather and anything else that can go wrong, I'm most worried about my blood sugar levels. What happens if I start to feel low during the ceremony?? Should I excuse myself and start sipping from my juice box? haha. Luckily it should only be about 25 minutes long so I'll check myself before it starts. The other worry I have is giving myself an insulin injection before dinner. I always inject my stomach. Obviously with a giant wedding dress on, that probably won't be possible. This means I'll have to inject my thigh. The last time I injected my leg was 5 years ago at the hospital. I always bleed, so I hate doing it there. I'll have to practice beforehand and make sure it works out. It freaks me out though! I'm sure it will all be fine and before I know it, I'll be on a beach in Jamaica ;)

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  1. Your day will be beautiful and everything will be perfect! Congratulations Megan - I can't wait to see you walk over that bridge to the man of your dreams!!