Friday, August 20, 2010

Leg Cuff!

I just purchased my custom made insulin pump leg cuff from T&J Design

I haven't officially worn it yet, but after wearing it for a little while around my apartment, I'm very happy with it! It's so comfortable and doesn't slip at all. I'm planning on wearing it with a bridesmaid dress, so that will be the real test. I'm sure it will be fine though. I definitely recommend this company--they are very friendly and have great products! I found them through Karen's Bitter-Sweet Diabetes Blog---so thanks Karen!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This past Sunday my husband and I went over to his parents' house for dinner and my niece (also Megan) is up visiting for the week. It's always great to see her! She's the cutest and smartest 5 year old I know. I love that she'll always run up and jump into my arms, it's so cute. It didn't exactly happen that way on Sunday, though. I walked in expecting her to be excited to see me, but she literally ignored me. Even when I walked up to her to give her a hug, she pretty much ran to Brian instead. Talk about getting your feelings hurt. It was finally explained to me that she was scared of my pump! My sister-in-law must have explained to her that I don't give myself shots anymore and now use the pump. I would be scared too if I was a 5 year-old trying to picture this thing with a tube going into my stomach. She was afraid it was hurting me. I couldn't blame her for being a little freaked out. As the night went on, she started to warm up to me again (she made sure to sit next to me at the dinner table---I felt better after that haha). Just before we were about to leave, she finally had the courage to at least look at it. I'm sure she'll become completely used to it, but I understand how she felt! I felt the same way the first time I tried to understand what this thing was!

P.S- That house I mentioned in my last post was horrible. It's not even worth talking about. It was in good shape, but every single room needed to be completely updated. It was like walking into the year, 1950. That's just too much for us to handle right now. The perfect (and affordable) house is still out there!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I just read a great guest post on DiabetesMine about the Continuous Glucose Monitor. Mine is still in the box, but hopefully I’ll be using it soon!

On a non-diabetes note, it looks like I’m back on the home buyer wagon. I fell off of it about a month or so ago when my husband and I were in the attorney review process for a townhouse we had just put an offer on. Long story short, the deal fell through, which actually ended up being a good thing for us. After that situation, we decided to take a break from all the hassles of house hunting. As of yesterday, it looks like we’re back to looking! A house just came on the market for a great price and in a good location. It needs updating inside, but judging from the pictures, nothing that has to get done right away. Who knows what could happen after seeing it person though. I try not to get excited too soon anymore—I learned that anything could happen. I’m not going to talk anymore about it because I don’t want to jinx it, but we’ll see!