Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have to be a nerd for a few minutes and post about the awesome time I had at a Hanson concert two days ago with my good friend, Jackie. I realize how silly that sounds, but they are still my favorite band and I have the best time at their shows! I’m not nearly as “obsessed” as I used to be in high school. There was a time when I would happily stand outside a venue for 12 hours waiting to get into a concert in order to be as close to the stage as possible. Nowadays, the thought of waiting on a line more than an hour completely turns me off. So instead, Jackie and I managed to cut almost the entire line at the last minute and somehow bypassed everybody. Not sure how we managed to do that without getting into fights—but we did! The show itself was obviously amazing! For whatever reason, I was nervous security was going to ask me about my pump at the door. I was afraid they were going to wonder what exactly I was trying to bring inside. Nobody cared. In fact, they didn’t care about anything. You could have brought in a video camera and it really didn’t matter!

Our little adventure before the show was so much fun. For a few years now, Hanson has been doing this charity to help fight AIDS and poverty in Africa. A few hours before each concert, they go on a one mile walk with their fans barefoot to honor those who are less fortunate in Africa. For every person that “takes the walk” with them, they donate a dollar to health care, clean water, etc. So that’s all very sweet and I love a good cause—but let’s be honest—it really didn’t matter to me why were walking, the fact that I could stand next to them for half an hour was reason enough haha. I was not barefoot. If I’m technically not supposed to be barefoot on the beach (even though I break that rule every time), I’m surely not going to walk around a dirty concert venue with rocks and nails on the ground, barefoot! Even with shoes on, the walk was awesome! I ended up getting a picture with Isaac, the oldest brother. =)

All and all, the day was great and luckily, I didn’t have to worry about any highs or lows during any of it. My blood sugar stayed level and I was able to focus on more important things!

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  1. A bona fide brush with fame! About 15 years ago, Duran Duran had a bit of a comeback with the help of women in their mid-20s. Hanson has some talent and that's unusual for pop bands. Outside of Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone, what are the guys from 'N Sync doing? Anyway, I like Tinted Windows a lot. This is another classic pop song by the Undertones.

    A nice post Megan!