Friday, July 9, 2010

I can't believe Fourth of July Weekend is already over. This summer is flying by way too quickly. We went to a friends house on the 4th and watched illegal fireworks in his backyard. They were amazing. I thought they were going to be those lame small ones, but they were huge and completely lit the sky. I was positive the police were going to show up haha. Thankfully they didn't. I had to check my blood sugar at one point and another friend noticed. He let me know that a bunch of his relatives also have diabetes and his uncle lost his legs. I love when people tell me things like that. How am I supposed to respond? "yes, thank you, I love to hear about all the people in your life that have lost limbs and who have died...from the same disease I have!" I know I take care of myself and keep everything under control. It's still scary to hear horror stories like that. I know he meant no harm, and it doesn't anger me at all. I just think it's funny.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning to meet with my doctor so we can put insulin in my pump now instead of saline. Tomorrow I'll be an official user of the pump! Sweet.

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